Are you having a hard time choosing of which model to buy? Here are some guided tips that will help you decide on which unit best suits you!

GY02 Premium and Onyx Luxury Massage Chairs are two of our best-selling models. Both units has their own unique features that you'll definitely like! Here are the detailed features and differences of our Premium and Luxury Massage Chairs. (Reserve Now!)


Both units are SL Track and full-body massage chairs. You might be thinking right now which of these units performs soft, moderate, or hard massage? Well, I've got great news for you! You can easily change the pressures that you prefer on both models. Both have special features. GY02 has health scanning wherein you can monitor your blood oxygen, heart rate, and blood pressure. While Onyx has its added feature which is the kneading calf massage. It performs a kneading massage on the sides of your calves. With these massage chairs, you can enjoy both units on their automatic modes wherein you can choose which mode that's best for you!  

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But wait, there's MORE!


This is the first time that we are giving 4 freebies on Christmas! This is our way to make you feel that we are thankful that you chose us as your comfort provider. If you'll reserve a unit right at this moment, you will receive ₱22,000 worth of a Luxury Foot and Calf Massager, ₱1,000 worth of an Eye Massager, ₱1,000 worth of a Massage Chair Cover, and ₱500 worth of Maintenance Wax for the leather of your massage chair.

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