Why do I feel sleepy after using my message chair?

Why do I feel sleepy after using my message chair?

It's safe to say that feeling tired after utilizing your massage chair is a positive thing in general. After all, resting revitalizes your body and improves its ability to mend and recover.
As a result, the next time you have a massage, allow yourself the desire to sleep afterward.

It's not uncommon to feel the urge for sleep following a massage chair session. Some people even succumb to the soothing effect while the treatment is being given. After all, massage chairs are built to provide you with that type of pleasure by default.

However, if you want to feel energetic instead, certain models include auto-programs for it. As a result, you might still feel calm but not drowsy.


Expect to fall asleep if you set your massage chair to a sleep-inducing program. Meanwhile, if you want the opposite, choose another choice. How can the same massage chair with the same features and functionalities provide various effects? Here's how the treatment works in your body to encourage you to sleep in the case of tiredness.


Improve overall relaxation

You may have been so drained that you fell asleep as soon as you got out of bed. While draining your energy to sleep may be useful, it is not as effective in mending as sleeping while calm. Massage stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that have soothing effects, such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.
This allows you to sleep stress-free, resulting in better sleep quality.

To increase the sleep-inducing effect of the sessions, begin by creating a pleasant environment for the sessions. Turn off the light in your room, for example, and activate the chromotherapy lighting on your massage chair. You can also listen to peaceful music while burning incense or candles with a pleasant smell. Doing so forces your mind to take a vacation from sensory stimuli, allowing you to concentrate more on the treatment.


Reduce physical pains that are interfering with sleep.

If you're in pain or your body feels stiff, finding a comfortable position to sleep is hard.

You may not even feel sleepy in the first place because of all the discomfort and aching.

If a current injury or illness does not cause it, using a massage chair can help you sleep. This is because the therapy causes an increase in the temperature of your muscles, relaxing them and reducing painful contractions.

Generally, programs with calming and gentle motions are more helpful when used as a massage chair for sleep. These, however, may not be effective in alleviating stiffness and stress. If you have trouble sleeping because of body discomfort, have a deep tissue massage. It's intense since it penetrates deep into your muscles, but it can still guarantee better sleep quality.


The therapy provided by a massage chair session aids in the reduction of tension and physical pain. As a result, you experience complete relaxation, or the ideal mood and sensation for sleeping. As a result, tiredness after utilizing a massage chair is a very common result of use.

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