What to do before and after massage chair sessions has a lot of dos and don'ts. While it's important to stay hydrated, avoid being dehydrated to the point where you feel bloated. While a warm bath would be wonderful, avoid using your massage chair until your hair has dried.

But what about what you need to do and need not to do when getting a massage?

You might believe that all you have to do to use a massage chair is to sit back and let it work. Technically speaking, this is right, but that's not all you need to accomplish. To protect the safety of you and others around you, several aspects must be taken into account. You are fulfilling your obligations while avoiding inappropriate behavior, which will make the experience more enjoyable overall.


While there are a few things to do and avoid when receiving a massage, the most important thing is to unwind. It is better to be aware of proper behavior throughout the sessions. But don't let the tasks at hand overwhelm you; just relax and take in the massage. Following this list too meticulously will just cause you worry and might even interrupts your entire experience.

Create and maintain a calm atmosphere

Relaxation is one of the main advantages of using a massage chair. You'll feel less anxious and more rested after the procedure if you remain composed the entire time.

But if you keep getting distracted, you could continue to feel uptight even after the session. Maintaining a setting that's ideal to a massage will help you relax more on the massage session.

Make use of the options of your massage chair to establish and maintain this best environment. You may turn on chromotherapy lights, for instance, if your particular model has it. Your mind may become calmer and your mental and physical energies can be balanced with the aid of the colorful lights. Your massage chair's Bluetooth speakers may be used to mask annoying noise by playing soothing music.

Adjust the massage settings.

There are pre-set massage programs available on massage chairs, and you can select one at the start of each session. These are intended to focus on various affects and health advantages. However, the default amount of power and speed might not be to your taste. For instance, it could be so strong that you feel uneasy.  In such cases, adjust the settings as soon as possible.

Therefore, during a massage session, especially at the start, change the settings to suit your requirements and preferences. Be attentive of your feelings and don't put too much pressure on yourself to make the right changes the first time. As soon as you experience discomfort or pain, change the intensity right away.

Don’t move around too much.

The accuracy of massage chairs is crucial. To provide the intended results, the rollers must exert pressure on the appropriate muscles and body regions. Pain and discomfort might also arise from massaging the incorrect regions. This is why each region of your body has its own space in a massage chair. Since the machine can't tell how you're sitting, it's up to you to maintain a proper posture and refrain from shifting.

Don't do anything that might potentially harm you while the massage chair is on.

Don't put your hands, for instance, between the moving massage rollers or in any gaps between mechanical components. Although remaining absolutely still might be challenging, you're not required to do so.

Simply said, if you feel uncomfortable, you can make a few minor movements or modify your posture, but don't go overboard.

Keep an eye on your surroundings.

You're not the only person who may be hurt while using your massage chair if you're not careful. For instance, be sure no one is close to the machine while you recline. Additionally, keep your children and pets away from the session and from sitting on your lap. The massage rollers might unintentionally hurt them, causing them to injure themselves.



The greatest options for best massage chairs are listed below now that you know what to do during massage chair sessions. It should be noted that frequent use of the equipment is enough. This is because your busy schedule causes you to feel stressed, exhausted, and physically ill every day. It would be beneficial if you consistently focused on managing your mental and physical health problems before they worsen.

#1 Onyx Lite

Original Price: P84,000.00

Discounted Price: P64,000.00

Consider the Gebco Onyx Lite Massager Chair for your daily 20-minute massage chair sessions. It has automatic massage settings for your everyday requirements. You may use the massage chair's extra functions to improve your experience while getting therapy for your entire body.


#2 GY02

Original Price: P148,000.00

Discounted Price: P74,000.00

You can get your daily dosage of comfort, healing, and relaxation with the Gebco GY02 Massage Chair. It is perfectly accurate in covering your entire body, from your neck to your soles. The chair's features include zero gravity reclining, soothing heating, audio playback, heart rate scanning, and more. Additionally, it features 8 different massage methods and 5 preset massage program choices to enhance both physical and mental wellness.


#3 Onyx

Original Price: P178,000.00

Discounted Price: P84,000.00

The Gebco Onyx Massage Chair offers a great deal more than standard automated massage program choices. Unlike competing models, it has 17 voice commands and 10 auto programs, including Health Recharge, Dream, Vertical Care, Swing Mode, Full Body Stretch, Neck & Shoulder, Waist Care, Lady Mode, Worker Mode, and Cybraian Mode. Depending on your current fitness, this massage chair may provide you just what you want. Even a manual massage program that can be customized to your specific needs is possible.

In conclusion
Be aware of your surroundings as well as yourself while in the massage chair. Avoid excessive movement to prevent injury, and adjust the massage settings right away if you start to feel uncomfortable. Maintain a sense of calm while being watchful to avoid any errors throughout the session.

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